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JANUARY 20, 2019

Dear Friends,
The first lunar eclipse of 2019, and the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. This eclipse will be particularly visual due to the moon being a “super moon” perigee. Closer to earth in its orbit and having a reddish tint often called a “blood moon.”  Total Eclipse of the Moon. Closer to earth appearing larger. Known as the Blood Moon. It appears red because of reflection from earth’s atmosphere. This Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon because it is the first Full Moon of the year.  It seems like this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is getting our attention. It is in Leo and all about pride, integrity, creativity and the heart. Listen to your heart. On my! Oh my! In this time of restructuring our lives we need to take a breath and check on what lies within. What about putting your heart into it? This Eclipse will remind you of just that. Don’t lose sight of what is important to you and include it into the plan. The last year and a half we have had a few Eclipses in Leo. This is the last one in Leo. This one sums it all up. The energy that has been poking at you the last couple of years is summed up with this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.


This is the sign of integrity, recognition, romance, affection, creativity, and play. When this sign is emphasized, we show kindness and generosity to others. We fall in love, and put our hearts into whatever we are doing. It is a time for ambition, independence, and leadership. We may refuse to recognize our limitations under this influence. This sign can be known for its overly dramatic behavior so stay grounded. It rules the heart and the upper spine. Where Leo is in our chart, we need to feel special. This is where our heart is!
A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon with a longer shelf life. We will feel the effects of this Full Moon for 6 months. It will be activated strongly 90 days before and 90 days after; so, around October 21, 2018 and then, around April 21, 2019. This Lunar Eclipse in Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Aquarius. This will bring us in touch with our friends, humanitarian issues, groups and the need to break free from old limitations. The Planet Venus is in Sagittarius joined with Jupiter. A Venus/Jupiter conjunction!! The benefics are together promising good news and protections. This is with knowledge, education, understanding and all technology that gets us in touch with what is going on. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius are trine to Mars in Aries. We are in the flow with passion and energy. To emphasize this Mercury, the Planet of communication, is keeping company with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We do need to be in the know if we are going to improve our position in our lives. Uranus has been in Aries for 8 years. It has put us through a variety of circumstances and experiences that would bring changes in our lives. We certainly have a new sense about who we are. Uranus brings change that helps us grow and evolve. Uranus will move into Taurus for 8 years on March 6th. That will bring the opportunities we need to show what we have and what we stand for.

This is a symbol of an overwhelming potentiality, and of an ever-pressing necessity for genuine self-establishment and personal stability. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is man’s complete lack of inhibition in his everyday make-up, together with his ability to mobilize all his powers and even risk his own existence rather than accept any thwarting of his desires. Here is emphasis on the unbroken continuity between being and doing, or between identity and its continual manifestation of itself. The keyword is IRRESISTIBILITY. When positive, the degree is creativity in the day-by-day expression of the self’s real possibilities and when negative, thoroughgoing self-indulgence and imposition on others.  “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
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