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FEBRUARY 08, 2020

Dear Friends,
Reconnect with what is important to you. Some things in our life have taken us full circle. We may be comparing or reviewing how far we have come. What was once has changed. We have changed. Great! That is what is supposed to happen whether we like it or not. Where Leo is in your chart is where you feel special or you need to. It is time to connect or reconnect to your heart. Release the past and create the future. Leo is the sign that creates. Go forward in a joyful and optimistic way. This Leo Full Moon will head you in the right direction if you are willing to embrace it. It is about love and it starts with you. Comes from within! Or, as they say “it is an inside job”. A Full Moon brings answers. A Full Moon brings things to the surface.
We need this!!!


THE SIGN LEO:    This is the sign of integrity, recognition, romance, affection, creativity, and play. When this sign is emphasized, we show kindness and generosity to others. We fall in love, and put our hearts into whatever we are doing. It is a time for ambition, independence, and leadership. We may refuse to recognize our limitations under this influence. This sign can be known for its overly dramatic behavior so stay grounded. It rules the heart and the upper spine. Where Leo is in our chart is where we need to feel special. This is where our heart is!
The sign of the pioneer and new beginnings. Springtime. Fire signs are goal oriented and concerned with future opportunities. They are inspirational, fire signs, more than all others, show where you need goals. Aries never forgets the fact that they were born to lead the way. Born directors and organizers. This sign represents the need to become a more well-defined individual. The house Aries is on in your chart shows where your actions and activity give you the opportunity to become more conscious
It is time to focus on what you want. This Full Moon will put a spotlight on that part of your life and accentuate the issue. Then you can be clear on how to go about getting the results you want. The Sun is in Aquarius and we are interested in our friends and the people we want to interact with. Saturn is in Capricorn joined with Pluto so we must be really clear about the message we are sending to others. What is expected? Mercury is in Pisces with     Neptune and things can be confused or inspirational. Stay focused on your goal. This Leo Full Moon is very favorable to Mars in Sagittarius. Where you put your heart and your creative side will bring positive results. Just don’t be all over the place. Be you and believe in yourself.
This is a symbol of the inevitable distress of the human soul whenever it seeks stimulation from elements essentially alien to its own nature, dramatized in the reversed symbolism by the futility of a dependence on physical agency for spiritual results. There are limitations in man’s basic make-up which he must learn to put to use other than as a justification for his various inadequacies. They are a reason for achievement, not a cancellation of potentials. The keyword is ACCENTUATION. When positive, the degree is the individual’s capacity for a creative self-mobilization which will enable him to rise to the needs of every possible situation, and when negative, unnecessary bondage to externals.  “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.