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MAY 2, 2019

Dear Friends,

What! More? More is expected! Yes, it is time to step up. It is time to make your intentions known. Where you find yourself at the time of this New Moon in Taurus is where you begin to build. It can’t be same ole thing. Everything you have built and everything you have experienced is the stuff of your future. Reestablish yourself in this new time. This is the New Moon once a year when you set your intentions for abundance. What and where do you want growth? This has been a year of clearing up the past to build what you want. A year to restructure what you have. If you want growth then more is expected from you. What do you have and how can you improve on what you have? This is where your intention and focus needs to be on this New Moon to make the whole year fertile.


The key phrase for Taurus is, “What do I have?” Taurus is concerned with getting results. Money, personal resources, security, survival skills, and self-esteem. To have the things around us that make us comfortable and reflect who we are. This sign builds. Where this sign is in your chart will indicate your sense of values, as well as where you are apt to be locked up in material things. Taurus rules the throat in the physical body.

RULERS:                  VENUS/MERCURY
Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Aries at the time of this New Moon. Venus is square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn asking for patience and discipline as we look at where we need to sow our seeds. Mercury is also in Aries square to Pluto encouraging some self-control. It is time to take charge. Mars is in Gemini stirring up the information you need so you can take action. Every year on the New Moon in Taurus we set our abundance intentions for the year. It is so important, this year, for you to think very positively about your economic issues for the coming year. You don’t want to plant any negativity at this time. Taurus is an earth sign and is interested in building security. Saturn is in Capricorn, also an earth sign, supporting any practical intentions. Pluto is in Capricorn and has been since 2008. Pluto has been eliminating old patterns leading up to this time for building what you want. The Planet Uranus is in Taurus giving us more ways to build security.  We may also be getting a little wakeup call from Uranus. We may have to take charge and lead the way. It is time for you to get what you want. The energy is more conservative than extravagant. Uranus has been hanging around the beginning of Taurus for a year. It is now fully seated for the next 7 years. Let’s see what you got!

This is a symbol of absolute self-integrity at a simple extreme of social consciousness, or of the human spirit in it nascent competence for meeting all possible eventualities. There is here a dramatization of the psychological faculties as a means for contact with other people, and of the illimitable capacity for experience in any situation where man may find himself. The individual is able to deal with whatever may arise in the circumstances of his being and commit himself to whatever pooves to be worthwhile. The keyword is NAIVETE. When positive, the degree is a gift for a continual discovery of new and effective facets of selfhood, and when negative, wholly purposeless ineptitude.  “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
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