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APRIL 30th, 2022

Dear Friends,

Every year the New Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to set your abundance intentions for the year. This year it is a Solar Eclipse with more power and meaning. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is joined with Uranus in Taurus and square to Saturn in Aquarius. Paying attention because the world around us has changed. We need to keep up and fit in to be secure. Getting what we need to be comfortable is the focus. Pluto just stationed and went retrograde. It has revved up the intensity so pay attention. Supply and demand is what has happened with all the changes that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (the system) in 2020. Saturn in Aquarius now is ushering in the Aquarian Age and how things need to change. Adjustment is necessary. This Solar Eclipse in Taurus opens the door to the change you need, to get in the flow. Money flow? Having enough. It has brought out fear in some of us and greed in others. Taurus rules the world of money, banks and the Stock Market. A roller coaster! Trust that this North Nodal Solar Eclipse, first one in 19 years, will open the door to opportunity. Change and fitting in; so, you can align with the energy for your security and peace of mind.


THE SIGN TAURUS:    The key phrase for Taurus is, “What do I have?” Taurus is concerned with getting results. Money, personal resources, security, survival skills, and self-esteem. To have the things around us that make us comfortable and reflect who we are. This sign builds. Where this sign is in your chart will indicate your sense of values, as well as where you are apt to be locked up in material things. Taurus rules the throat in the physical body.    
This is the sign that takes care of endless details and routine jobs. This is the sign that has patience for doing the work. Humble service and patience! Your state of mind in this area of your life has a direct bearing on your health. The Virgo house in your chart is always a work in progress. The never-ending maintenance of life, spotting flaws, and correcting mistakes..
Uranus, the Planet of enlightenment and change is in Taurus. It has been there for the last three years. It has around four years to go. Taurus is what is tangible around us. It is what you want and need for security. It is enhanced with this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus joined with Uranus. New priorities are brought up.
Mother Nature! The world around you is a reflection of your vision. The flowering of your efforts. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Pisces with Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. A spiritual mission to correct what we can’t see but exists. Plant some flowers! This is a Solar Eclipse not just a New Moon. We will feel the effects of this for a couple of years. Set your intentions for what is valuable for you. What would you like to build on! Maybe Peace of Mind! The visionary in you has the ability to put into practice a better situation. This is certainly the energy available for you to manifest. What is inside appears outside. Plant the seed of beauty and positivity so it will grow in the world around you. It is time to build something that lasts. Mercury is in Gemini bringing curiosity as we explore what we need to do to make it all better and more beautiful.              

This is a symbol of the soul’s determination to give constant and tangible manifestation of it creative powers, and of its eagerness to pour itself into every potentiality of living.  There is here an easy and rewarding partnership between man and nature, so that a natural profusion tends to match his inner generosity of spirit. He feels responsible for the welfare of his world and for its rewards for his interest are very great. The keyword is CARE. When positive, the degree is the high stewardship by which man builds everything around him into an enduring organism for his own fulfillment, and when negative, superficial satisfactions and a wasteful truckling to petty concerns.  “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.