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JUNE 1, 2019

Dear Friends,

What were you thinking!! We say that after something we did was stupid. Actually, every thought we have or thing we say takes some form in our lives. It is very important to think positive. Even if what lies before us isn’t what we would like we need to change our attitude about it and the energy around the situation changes. In this year where things in our lives are shifting and changing it is our opportunity now to move the energy in the direction we would like. We need to upgrade our attitude. Speak up! What do you have to say? We are getting to know the world around us. Everything that is in the neighborhood or around the corner. In this time of change it may be important for you to get up to speed with how things work. Start now to get your thoughts in order to set your intentions for the Monday morning New Moon in Gemini. You will find out what is going on around you so you can prepare for what you need to do. Ears open, mouth shut, no gossip and get your mind set on what you need to do.


The Planets that rule this New Moon are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto. Mercury is in Gemini stimulating our minds and mental issues. Venus is in Taurus solidly placed very favorable to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. We are grounded in some way with what comes up. Mars is in Cancer and the energy is directed to home, family and security. What do we need to know?
Gemini is the sign of the Zodiac that rules everything in our life that is taken for granted. The siblings that we were born to begin our life with. The attitude we develop from early on in our lives. The neighborhood and our neighbors; so, the people you see every day along the way. All tools of communication and transportation which help you get from one place to another in your day to day life. Gemini is everything that is right under your nose. You will find out what is going on right under your nose. This New Moon is focusing on those things. What do you need to know? Do you need to learn something new? The Planet Mercury is the ruler of Gemini; and therefore, is the ruler of this lunation. Mercury is in Gemini giving us lots of information to aid in our movement forward.  Venus is in Taurus happily placed. This is all about attracting what we want. Venus in Earthy Taurus is favorable to Saturn and Pluto in Earthy Capricorn supporting what we are taking on. Pluto and Saturn are with the South Node of the Moon demanding responsibility and attention to what needs support, structure and rebuilding. The south node of the Moon brings up the past to be released.

This is a symbol of individual artistry as the property of all, with its expression both its strength and the means whereby others are encouraged to like accomplishment. Here is experience at a climax on the side of self-refinement in skills and talent, and at a peak in its gratification and its promise of continuing effort and sharing of rewards. A continually expanded dimension of being becomes the constant revelation of man’s true estate.  The keyword is ACHIEVEMENT. When positive the degree is the creative assurance which contributes enduring overtones to human understanding, and when negative, self-defeat through a delight in momentary attention or superficial adulation.    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
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