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FEBRUARY 3, 2019

Dear Friends,

Freedom from….. You pick!!! What do you need to get beyond? For the most part it is what lies within. Our own fears etc. Old patterns that need to be shed in favor of new ones. This New Moon in Aquarius is helping us break away from the past. Old limitations that we have grown out of. It brings a positive look at who we need to be associated with as we begin new things in our lives. A very inventive and clever energy. We don’t have to look like or be like anyone else. It is time to be ourselves. Uranus has helped us gather all of the experiences the last 8 years to put us in a position to capitalize on our uniqueness.

The Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig begins on this New Moon. We can expect a productive and successful year.


This is a fixed air sign. This is the sign of the individualist. They approach life is through their intellect. Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness, in every area of life, are shattered. New ideas, brilliance, and new inventions show us a new way now. Public affairs become more important, as there is an interest in the welfare of others in a social sense. The house where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are encouraged not to conform. You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress. You must dare to break away from established customs, to go one step further, and investigate the potentials of tomorrow.
This New Moon is taking place in the Gemini section of Aquarius called a decanate. With this sign, curiosity is developed, which opens the door to learning, versatility, and choice. The experiences ruled by the Gemini house in your chart require the greatest flexibility. This sign thrives on change, because variety offers food for thought, which develops objective thinking patterns. Curiosity is aroused, which motivates you to seek out new experiences having educational value.  The power to communicate ideas and deal with a variety of things. Nothing escapes the attention of Gemini. The gathering of information that facilitates our day to day activities. Versatility and adaptability are needed now. Learn and make new connections.
This New Moon is taking place in the Leo section of Aquarius called a dwad. This is the sign of integrity, recognition, romance, affection, creativity, and play. When this sign is emphasized, we show kindness and generosity to others. We fall in love, and put our hearts into whatever we are doing. It is a time for ambition, independence, and leadership. We may refuse to recognize our limitations under this influence. This sign can be known for its overly dramatic behavior so stay grounded. It rules the heart and the upper spine. Where Leo is in our chart, we need to feel special. This is where our heart is!

This New Moon in Aquarius is the time of year we make connections and break away from limitations. Uranus is ending its eight-year transit in Aries and we are complete. A month from now Uranus will move into Taurus for 8 years and the awakening energy focuses on our self-esteem, values and comforts. Mars is in Aries with Uranus; so, you can expect some excitement as we stand up for ourselves. This brings change as directed by us. Saturn is in Capricorn, its own sign, joined with Pluto and we need to be responsible for where we are and what we have become. Saturn at 15 degrees Capricorn is favorable to Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces. Intuition and protection is in what we are establishing. Mercury is in Aquarius tuning us into advanced thoughts and ideas. Mercury is joined with the Sun and Moon. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also favorable to Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Information we need and our own thoughts during this time are on target.
This is a symbol of personal stability through organizational powers, emphasized in terms of an efficient participation in everyday affairs. The maintenance of the position or advantage an individual may win among his fellows requires a constant attention to his fundamental interests through the continual ebb and flow of circumstances, and he is genuinely successful as he remains undisturbed within himself throughout the ramifying vicissitudes. Personality is developed as it is challenged to prove itself. The keyword is ACCOMPLISHMENT. When positive, the degree is effective self-realization through achievement of consequence, and when negative, ambitious superficiality  .  “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
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