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OCTOBER 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

Things may have gotten a little skewed. Lots of division in the world around us. Where do you stand? What is fair? Over the last 3 years we have been set up with certain conditions. It is time we take a step back and take a look at how we got here and what we need to do to correct things. How can you get things back with a better playing field? Set your intentions for this New Moon. It is this New Moon in Libra once a year that gives you the opportunity to look at how you are doing in your relationships and your life. You get feedback!  At this New Moon focus on what you want. Where do you need balance? Who you are in relationship with others and what you need? Mars is with this New Moon. Action is necessary. Maybe this is a time when you take a breath, look back over the year, and see where you need to make some kind of change. It has been a year and a half of isolation, taking a good look at ourselves, it is time to join in again. A new way!

A NEW MOON will occur on OCTOBER 06, 2021 7:05 AM EDT 13 DEGREES LIBRA 24 MINUTES.

HOW: THE SIGN LIBRA: The power to relate to others is this sign’s greatest concern. Beauty, balance, harmony, equality, and justice are important where this is in your chart. This New Moon will let us know where we need to bring things into balance. All lessons of Libra involve the realization and integration of opposites, particularly those contrasts found within personal relationships. The primary purpose of this sign is one of sharing—sharing ideas, sharing experiences, sharing your life—with others. The house that Libra is on in your chart is where you need to develop a healthy balance between personal goals and respect for the goals of others. Libra shows where you need relationships, which offer feedback.
This is a fixed air sign. This is the sign of the rebel or the individualist. They approach life is through their intellect. Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness, in every area of life, are being shattered. New ideas, brilliance, and new inventions show us a new way now. The house where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are encouraged not to conform. You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress. You must dare to break away from established customs, to go one step further, and investigate the potentials of tomorrow.
Here is where total commitment must be made to proceed with what, until now, has been only a vision, but what could eventually become a reality. In Pisces, you are encouraged to walk into the unknown even though there is no proof that what you seek could, or ever will, exist. The experiences met in the house of Pisces are often considered to be “karmic” in the sense that you are confronted with your past. The power of positive thinking, psychic abilities, unselfish love, and a willingness to help when help is needed, even if personal sacrifices must sometimes be made. Idealistic, spiritual, sensitive, giving, compassionate are all attributes of the sign.    
Venus rules Libra and Venus is in Scorpio. This is intense but transformative. Pluto has been retrograde since April it resumes direct motion today. Saturn has been retrograde since May and it resumes direct motion on the 10th. Things begin to move. This New Moon brings you the opportunity to set your intentions for better relationships and work on what requires balance. The Sun, Moon and Mars are all joined at 13 degrees Libra, a critical degree. This gets our attention about relationships. Mercury is in Libra retrograde. Mercury is favorable to Jupiter in Aquarius. We are rethinking and solving things that are out of balance.
This is a symbol of man’s basic competency, dramatized on the objective side as he is able to organize his responsibilities and withdraw his attention for a moment of inner reorientation. Implicit in the symbolism is a fullness of being through the everyday satisfactions which come as a reward of effort, or through a realization that it is living. Here a subconscious fellowship with the eternal has its fruits in a freedom from unnecessary involvement in ephemeral affairs.  The keyword is RECUPERATION. When positive, the degree is an incisiveness of thought or reaction and an effective directness of act, and when negative, a fundamental and self-defeating disinterest in life.    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.                Blessings, Brenda
    All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.