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MAY 25TH, 2021

Dear Friends,

“To tell the truth!” “To know the truth!” “To hear the truth!”  Which is it? This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings a peek into the future. What you need to know and understand!  Truth be with you! It is a new day! It is a new time! It requires a new way of looking and understanding what and where we want to go. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini in 3 days. Mercury is retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd. Corrections will take place. Obviously, something has shifted and we will learn something we need to apply in our lives. We need to stay current and relevant.



Travel, education, religion, philosophy, and higher aspirations. Looking to the future. Optimism and friendliness. Independence is strong.  Need for freedom and space. This sign brings restlessness and a desire for sports and adventure. Here is where we search for the meaning of life. This sign rules the hips, thighs and sciatic nerve. This sign offers experiences, which encourage you to look ahead. Here, your needs are vast; your thirst for a social direction is intense, and with this expanded outlook comes a new philosophy toward life and its meaning. In the house of Sagittarius, the future beckons. You need to look ahead, broaden your horizons, and seek out experiences, which cultivate wisdom.

THE DWAD:                  AQUARIUS
The sign Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Strong individuality and intellect.  Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness, in every area of life, are shattered. New ideas, brilliance, and new inventions show us a new way now. Public affairs become more important, as there is an interest in the welfare of others in a social sense. The house where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are encouraged not to conform. You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings truth, education, wisdom, knowledge, expansion and understanding. The New Moon two weeks ago was at 21 degrees Taurus. The intentions were set then about our values, money and security. What we need to sustain our lives. This Full Moon opens up the energy to what is possible. Jupiter is in Pisces bringing truth with no boundaries, intuition and charitable energy. Uncovering what has been hidden! Jupiter will be back in Aquarius by the end of July. Jupiter back and forth is for uncovering what needs to be done and bringing it back to what we can use. Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Gemini with the North Node. Gathering and applying wisdom. Saturn in Aquarius is square to Uranus in Taurus helping us move forward. There will be some resistance as we make our way forward. But we will go forward. One obstacle after another is removed.

This is a symbol of man’s insatiable desire to refine and strengthen every last potentiality of his own personal character and skills, and of his need to gain recognition for his success in this from each area of life in which he finds himself. Here is his capacity for holding steady in any given milieu of confusion in which he may participate, and for bringing a measure of stability to every situation in which he may be involved. Man is here at his best when he is most seriously challenged to be himself, and to play his part in strict accordance with the rules. The keyword is SPORTSMANSHIP. When positive, the degree exceptional competency in crisis, and when negative, false pretense to personal excellence.    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
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