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FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Dear Friends,

Breaking out! Climbing out! Freedom! Getting unstuck. A New Moon in Aquarius bringing forth all of this new Aquarian energy of brotherly love. Plus, Venus is joined with Jupiter, a blessing. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius giving us a second chance. Mercury is square Mars in Taurus bringing some pizzaz. The New Moon in Aquarius is introducing the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox. This New Moon in Aquarius is also introducing the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius starting a 20-year new cycle. With this New Moon we get a feel for the energy and what is needed from us. Mercury, the facilitator, is in the middle of retrograde at this time in Aquarius helping make the adjustments. Showing us where we need to make some shifts. A lightening up. We have learned from our own experiences and trusting what we know to begin the changes necessary to move forward.

A NEW MOON will occur FEBRUARY 11, 2021 at 2:06 PM EST at 23 DEGREES AQUARIUS 16 MINUTES

THE SIGN AQUARIUS        The year of the Metal Ox!  Firm strong will power. A year of honesty and strong sense of responsibility. The sign Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Strong individuality and intellect.  Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness, in every area of life, are shattered. New ideas, brilliance, and new inventions show us a new way now. Public affairs become more important, as there is an interest in the welfare of others in a social sense. The house where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are encouraged not to conform. You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress. You must dare to break away from established customs, to go one step further, and investigate the potentials of tomorrow.

THE DECANATE:    LIBRA     The power to relate to others is this sign’s greatest concern. Beauty, balance, harmony, equality, and justice are important where this is in your chart. This New Moon will let us know where we need to bring things into balance. All lessons of Libra involve the realization and integration of opposites, particularly those contrasts found within personal relationships. The primary purpose of this sign is one of sharing—sharing ideas, sharing experiences, sharing your life—with others.  Libra shows where you need relationships, which offer feedback.

This New Moon in Aquarius is the time of year we make connections and break away from limitations. Uranus is in Taurus giving a little jolt for what we need to be secure. Saturn is in Aquarius giving us a big message with what we need to be a free-flowing individual. Saturn is square to Uranus on this New Moon. We really learn something about ourselves and how we get ourselves stuck. Sometimes with the wrong people. Venus is in a great position to help us make the right connections. Venus is in Aquarius joined with Jupiter. At the time of this New Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon are all in Aquarius. Pluto has been left alone in Capricorn. The people rule!! Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius. We are adjusting and reviewing. Where do we fit in?

This is a symbol the complete self-obsessions which human individuality may exhibit, emphasized here on the side of a sensitiveness to the world and its exactions. Implicit in the symbolism are the values of a generous and broad participation in everyday life, and the necessity that any personal refinement be preserved through the sharing of its rewards. The self assimilates itself to its own higher vision and so achieves and outer selflessness.  The keyword is SERENITY. When positive, the degree is effective accomplishment through a genuine peace of inner understanding, and when negative, thorough dissatisfaction with the normal fruits of living.         
“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
  Blessings, Brenda
All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.