JANUARY 17, 2022

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Full awareness! If you have been coping and adjusting! Keeping up with what you need day by day! Then, this Full Moon spells it out. It is in opposition to Pluto making things clear. Venus is retrograde in Capricorn still working on our plan. Mercury went retrograde in Aquarius on the 14th bringing solutions. Mercury goes direct on February 3rd back in Capricorn with Pluto. Venus will go direct on the 29th and start heading with answers and solutions.

The subconscious, the emotions, and instinctual behavior are all part of the sign Cancer. Intense emotion and great sensitivity is felt when this sign is activated This sign connects us with the past, our roots, family, and the way we raised. This is the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Time to nurture, protect, and care for the things that we want to bring forth now. It rules the breast and the stomach. The house ruled by Cancer shows where, moved by emotion, you seek out experiences that bring comfort and security.
Here is where total commitment must be made to proceed with what, until now, has been only a vision, but what could eventually become a reality. In Pisces, you are encouraged to walk into the unknown, even though there is no proof that what you seek could, or ever will, exist. The experiences met in the house of Pisces are often considered to be “karmic”, in the sense that you are confronted with your past. The power of positive thinking, psychic abilities, unselfish love, and a willingness to help when help is needed, even if personal sacrifices must sometimes be made. Idealistic, spiritual, sensitive, giving, compassionate are all attributes of the sign.                  
The first Full Moon of 2022 comes in with a focus on responsibility. Keeping a balance between your personal life and your public life. This Full Moon in Cancer is ruled by the Moon and of course the Moon is in her own sign Cancer. This brings up the need to get comfortable. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign which requires action. It is all about keeping home and hearth solid. Jupiter is in Pisces along with Neptune. Time to be dedicated and devoted to what and who you care about. This Water Cancerian Full Moon is favorable to Neptune in the Water Sign Pisces. A strong emphasis in taking care of the family. Taking care of others that need help. It is time for charitable efforts to make things better for all concerned. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius helping us to adjust or go back over things that need attention. Venus is also retrograde in Capricorn helping us take a deeper look at what we are responsible for. The Sun in Capricorn is joined with Pluto so there is an intensity with what is expected. The Full Cancer Moon is opposing the Sun/ Pluto conjunction. Your security both at home and in the world is brought out with this Full Moon. We are introduced to Saturn in Aquarius. Humanity, friends, social work, social media. How we connect and get along with others.
This is a symbol of effective cooperation between various phases of human culture, such as those which have become crystallized in faithfulness to the special values, they have held intact and those which provide the new potentials of a genuine frontier spirit.
These differences as brought to unity are a stimulus to a greater differentiation of the self in its own illimitable capacity for expanded relationships. The keyword is COMPATIBILITY. When positive, the degree is high skill in bringing older or neglected reality to the service of fresher and more vital self-fulfillments, and when negative, an inability to make personal adjustments and a stupid exaltation of conservatism.    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund            Blessings, Brenda