November 19th

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Scorpio and it is almost Thanksgiving. Time to get together and give thanks. There was a New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th and we set our intentions for goodness. Health and well being!! Having enough so everyone gets what they need.

The Moon is in Aquarius today encouraging being together. The Moon will square Uranus in Taurus in the late afternoon inviting change. Shifting the energy a bit. Maybe some plans change.

November 20th

Today is Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. It is a last Quarter Moon in Aquarius at 5:50 am. Stepping up and taking responsibility. The Moon enters Pisces at 9:29 am and is joined with Saturn all morning. Making your list and staying on track. This afternoon is smooth with the Pisces Moon. You are in tune with what you are doing or need to be.

November 21st

Today is Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars is in Scorpio putting energy into where you are dedicated and invested. The Sun is in the last degree of Scorpio today. Tomorrow the Sun will move into Sagittarius for a month. Could be some intense finalizing of things today. The Sagittarius Sun is bringing positive energy. Jupiter is in Taurus helping us learn the issues and keep up with the times. The Moon is in Pisces today and we continue to go with the flow and do what we believe in.

November 22nd

Today is Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Sagittarius bringing knowledge, curiosity, and a lot of talking. The Sun entered Sagittarius at 9:03 am to stay until December 21st. Enjoy this time. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Gratitude and Thankfulness! The day begins with the Moon in Pisces and we are trusting the process. Getting in a groove. The Moon moves into Aries at 12:19pm for a couple of days and we are all putting our best foot forward. Mars is in the last degree of Scorpio so we have what we need to do to be in Control. Friday Mars will move into Sagittarius and we are on the go.

November 23rd

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Taurus helping, teaching, and encouraging us to handle the financial changes. Helping us adjust to what we need to take care of ourselves. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Helping us sustain ourselves. Time to be thankful and grateful. The Sun in Sagittarius is square to Saturn in Pisces today. Setting some boundaries as we define where we are. The Moon is in Aries today and it is all about showing who we are. Stepping in and doing things that are helpful.

November 24th

Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus is all about attracting good things. Being in love and giving love. Venus is in Libra bringing cooperation and sharing. Mars entered Sagittarius at 5:15 am to activate our interests and curiosities. Mars will be in Sagittarius until January 4th, 2024. Very busy holiday season. The Moon is in Aries today keeping us on the move. The Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn at 12:40 pm then goes void. It keeps us focused and in control. The Moon comes out of void when it enters Taurus at 3:29 pm. A solid earth Taurus Moon for the weekend. Shopping and getting ready for the holidays.

November 25th

Today is Saturday, the day ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Pisces for the next couple of years. We are moving forward, taking responsibility, and learning what to do to fit in to these trends. The Taurus Moon just left Jupiter and is continuing through Taurus. Appreciating and enjoying all the memories we have collected over the years. The possessions we have bring up those memories. The holiday collections!!