December 10th

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun! The Sun is in Sagittarius, truth, information, and optimism. Tis the Holiday Season. The Moon is in Scorpio and the mood is deep. Memories! Time to invest yourself and feelings into optimism. A New Moon is coming. It is time to make your list of intentions. A New Moon will occur on the 12th at 6:32 pm at 20 degrees Sagittarius. Positive energy. Today the Scorpio Moon is favorable to Neptune in Pisces. Trust, Faith, and Protection. Tomorrow the Moon will be in Sagittarius preparing to be New on Tuesday.

December 11th

Today is Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in Sagittarius and will be a New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow. Positive intentions. It is time. The day begins with the Sagittarius Moon square to Saturn in Pisces. An emphasis on boundaries and focus on the positive. A good time to get things organized and some things you can get out of the way. Mars is in Sagittarius giving us the energy we need to move forward. Well, tomorrow is the New Moon in Sagittarius with Mercury going retrograde a few hours later. A second chance! Getting caught up. Mercury goes retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn and goes direct January 1st at 22 degrees Sagittarius. The New Year!!

December 12th

Today is Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars is in Sagittarius and we are filled with energy. What to do first? A New Moon will occur today at 6:32 pm at 20 degrees Sagittarius 40 minutes. This New Moon is filled with positive energy. Pick up on that. After everything, we need this. The day begins with the Moon joined with Mars at 5:05 am then moves on to become the New Moon later. Mercury is still going retrograde at 2:09 am tomorrow. A turning point day.

December 13th

Today is Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Mercury begins our day retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn and will go direct on January 1st at 22 degrees Sagittarius. Just in time to begin the New Year. Get busy with your New Moon list. Time to pick up on things you may have missed. A few disruptions here and there. The Moon is still New and it has moved into Capricorn at 10:31 am this morning for a couple of day. Taking charge.

December 14th

Today is Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Taurus. It has been most of this year. Jupiter bring information and in Taurus it is all about taking care of what you have. Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 giving us a roller coaster ride of uncertainty. Stay the course and adjust as you go. The Moon is in Capricorn today and we are following traditions. This is a responsible day helping get things done.

December 15th

Hannukah ends! Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus is in Scorpio. Venus is in Scorpio until the 29th then in Sagittarius. We are staying on track while Venus is in Scorpio. She wants depth and intention. Sticking to what and where we are. The day begins with the Moon in Capricorn dedicated and responsible. Traditional! The Moon leaves Capricorn at 12:56 pm and moves into Aquarius. Time to gather together! Care about one another and celebrate. Enjoy this day and the weekend.

December 16th

Today is Saturday, the day ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Pisces and has been there since March 7th. We have a couple years more with this lesson in faith. Saturn asks us to take things one day at a time and be grateful. The Sun in Sagittarius is square to Neptune in Pisces encouraging those very things. Have faith in what you cannot control. The Moon is in Aquarius today and we are enjoying each other. The Aquarius Moon is square to Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Lots revealed in this time in history bringing change. Be nice!!