June 23rd

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Cancer. The time of year to enjoy home and family. Getting comfort food and feeling good. The day begins with the Moon in Capricorn still Full. The Moon leaves Capricorn at 11:14 pm and moves into Aquarius for a couple of days. Today we are following tradition. We may be creating some new ones. There will be another Full Moon in Capricorn July 21st. Getting it all together.

June 24th

Today is Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in Aquarius and we are getting in tune with the Aquarian energy. Peace, love, and happiness! Aquarian age!! The Moon joined Pluto at 1:50 am and the Aquarian energy unfolds. Getting current and relevant with the times. Freedom and friends! Enjoy the day with understanding what and where you need to fit in now.

June 25th

Today is Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars is in Taurus along with Uranus. Interesting energy. Wake up and take care of things! Pay attention during this time. Mars will join Uranus on July 15th. Feeling it now. Stay on course and navigate the waves. The Moon is in Aquarius today and we are getting along with all. All what? Being on top of things and adjusting as we go. Letting go when necessary. Time to be nice. The Aquarius Moon squares Uranus at 6:30 pm and goes void. Just relax after that.

June 26th

Today is Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Cancer giving our mind some words of comfort!! Mercury is favorable to Saturn in Pisces. That helps get us on track. The Moon is in Pisces bringing the need to have faith in the process. The Moon is also favorable to Venus and Mercury in Cancer giving us a nice flow. The Moon will join Saturn in Pisces tomorrow then it will catch up with Neptune also in Pisces. Answers that have been unavailable will come. Some things will be figured out today and tomorrow. Relax and enjoy the Pisces Moon. Take a break and stop overthinking.

June 27th

Today is Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Gemini giving us information to help get issues handled. Ask questions! You will get answers. If all else fails ask Google!! The Moon is in Pisces today and we need to take the time to be grateful. This morning the Moon is with Saturn. This helping us stay on track even though the track seems never ending. This afternoon the Moon is favorable to Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. Helpful energy today.

June 28th

Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus is in Cancer with Mercury. All things comfortable with home and family. In this time of fixing, clearing up, closure and finishing up, we are focused on just that. The day begins with the Moon in Aries. You might say, “how did I get here?” Well we are here; so, we need to show up and work on it. Whatever it is today it is about you. Mars is in Taurus working on getting things grounded. It is a last quarter Moon today. A turning point!

June 29th

Today is Saturday, the day ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Pisces. This is helping us get on track. Slip sliding through life. One day at a time. Saturn will be in Pisces until May 25, 2025. So, we have another year. Saturn will return to Pisces September 2025 until it fully gets into Aries February 14th 2026. I guess a good way to remember is Valentines Day 2026 we are totally in Aries, new beginnings. Certainly, a transitioning time to clear up and work on what we want. Saturn goes retrograde today at the end of Pisces. We are looking ahead as we go back to check on ourselves. The Moon is in Aries today getting us together with what we want to be and do in this time of change. We have plenty of time to look back and look forward. Today is a day to look forward.

June 30th

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Cancer and it is summer. Time to enjoy being out and about. Time to do home projects! Time for family! The day begins with the Moon void in Aries but not for long. The Moon moves into Taurus at 8am and projects begin. The Taurus Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius at 10:23 am and adds some flavor and intensity. After that the day is smooth. At least Pluto got you focused and in control. The Taurus Moon today and tomorrow is all about what you want to build on, add to, and bring comfort.