July 21st

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is at the last of Cancer today. The end of some things. The Sun moves into Leo tomorrow at 3:44 am EDT until August 22nd. The fun loving, playing, and creative time of year. Today the Moon is Full at 6:17 am in the last degree of Capricorn. This is the second Full Moon in Capricorn this summer. We need to get the message. Get busy with what needs attention. After the Moon is Full it moves into Aquarius at 7:43 am for the rest of the day and tomorrow. The Aquarius Moon is all about invention and change. Doing what we are doing in a new way. Mercury is in Taurus square to Uranus today helping us with what needs to be done. Happy Full Moon and closure with some things. Change in the air. The Aquarius Moon joined Pluto in Aquarius at 9:14 am getting it all started.

July 22nd

Today is Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in Aquarius still in its Full Phase. The Moon is favorable to Jupiter in Gemini helping us be informed. The Sun moved into Leo at 3:44 am until August 22nd. We are in it now. The focus is to be in a positive mood as you move forward now. It is all a new way of looking at our lives. The Sun in Leo is now opposing Pluto in Aquarius the next couple of days. Now we are all on board with what we are doing. Nothing half way! Enjoy the people.

July 23rd

Today is Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars is in Gemini bringing action into our daily lives. Communication for sure, lots to talk about. Jupiter is in Gemini bringing expansion in our environment. Mars is helping us to keep us with it all. Gemini is siblings, neighbors, neighborhood, and most of all your attitude. Stay up on things now. The day begins with the Moon in Aquarius. Hanging out a bit! The Moon moves into Pisces at 9:23 am for a couple of days and the energy changes. The Planet Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces bringing inspiration and all that has been hidden. We are finding out a lot about ourselves in this time of change. The next two day the Pisces Moon joins Saturn and Neptune. This gives the faith and understanding we need to embrace the future.

July 24th

Today is Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Leo. Positive and creative thinking. Mercury will move into Virgo tomorrow at 6:42 pm getting us organized. Mercury will go retrograde in Virgo August 5th requiring some adjustments in how we do our work and take care of ourselves. Mercury will be back in Leo August 14th then go direct on August 26th in Leo. Full circle moment. First get organized and have a good schedule. Adjusting!! The Mercury in Leo will add a creative component. The Moon is in Pisces today wanting a flexible mood. The Moon will join Saturn giving you the plan and some boundaries.

July 25th

Today is Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Gemini this year. Very helpful in learning how we fit into this changing environment. Expansion and growth in what you need to learn and know. The day begins with the Moon in Pisces joined with Neptune. Just take things moment to moment this morning. The Moon moves into Aries at 10:52 am for the next couple of days and you get on top of things. The energy you need to get going! Mercury moves into Virgo at 6:42 pm. The work begins then. Getting organized. Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo August 5th and goes direct August 18th back in Leo. We are getting adjusted and then enjoying it. The Aries Moon this afternoon reveals more about who we are and how we are doing things now. One thing at a time!

July 26th

Today is Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus is in Leo attracting positive energy. This is what we need in this time of getting used to new habits and patterns. The Moon is in Aries today and it all about you showing your best self. Mars is in Gemini with Jupiter. Your attitude is important now. What you say and how you approach what is going on around you is important. The Aries Moon is favorable to Venus in Leo today. That is a good energy. The Moon goes void at 6:14 pm after the good energy with Venus. That shapes the void period so enjoy being a little off duty. This evening will be nice.

July 27th

Today is Saturday, the day ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Pisces and we are taking it a day at a time. We are using what we have grown to know over the years and adapting it to the current time. The day begins with the Moon void in Aries so just do what you do. A little time to just be you. Work on yourself or get some things prepared. The Moon comes out of void when it moves into Taurus at 1:23 pm. The energy changes and is grounded and practical. Then the Taurus Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius at 2: 41 pm and you are paying attention. Taking care of things!!!

July 28th

Today is Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Leo until August 22nd. It is all about enjoying your summer. Integrity and creativity is what Leo brings out in you. The Moon is in Taurus today. It is all about enjoying what you have. Taking care and enjoying the day. Venus is in Leo attracting what feels good. Mercury is in Virgo getting us organized. Mercury is making sure you have a list. Mercury will go retrograde in Virgo on August 5th and end up back in Leo on August 14th. Mercury will go direct on August 28th at 21degrees Leo. The Taurus Moon today brings your attention to some practical things. Good taste and good food.

July 29th

Today is Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in Taurus today and we are enjoying what we have. A little bit of disruption as the Taurus Moon joins Uranus this morning. Could bring a change of plans as a situation may require an adjustment. The Moon leaves Taurus and moves into Gemini at 5:28 pm the rest of the month. Jupiter is in Gemini for a year helping us improve what is going on around us. Enjoy getting together. Tomorrow the Gemini Moon joins Jupiter. Lots to know and lots to do. Today is the day with the Taurus Moon to get some practical things done.

July 30th

Today is Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars. Mars is in Gemini with Jupiter. Lots going on all around you and with you. Mercury in Virgo puts our mind to organizing. A full plate, I am sure. The Moon in Gemini joins Mars at 5:01 am and gets us moving. The Moon joins Jupiter at 6:45 pm with abundance. Just more of whatever it is around you. Keeping it organized with Mercury is Virgo. Variety and versatility is required.

July 31st

Today is Wednesday, the day ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in Virgo doing duties. Organizing and fixing as Virgo requires. Mercury goes retrograde on August 5th in Virgo. More is getting done or redone. The Gemini Moon today helps up with the variety of things that are required. Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces. Mercury in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini are covering the ground. All the mutable signs are at work helping us adjust to the day-to-day requirements. One thing at a time.