JANUARY 21, 2023

Dear Friends,

Set your intentions for the very special New Moon. The energy for you to fit in and be comfortable with who you are. Also, accept others for who they are and most of all be kind. As 2023 begins we get the First New Moon for the year. It is all about New beginnings with all the upgrades we need to stay current. It is the Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit. It brings soft, thoughtful and friendly energy. It encourages a more go with the flow attitude.

A NEW MOON will occur on JANUARY 21, 2023 at 3:52 PM EST at 1 DEGREE AQUARIUS 32 MINUTES.

This is a fixed air sign. This is the sign of the individualist. They approach life is through their intellect. Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness, in every area of life, are shattered. New ideas, brilliance, and new inventions show us a new way now. Public affairs become more important, as there is an interest in the welfare of others in a social sense. The house where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are encouraged not to conform. You are no longer limited by conventional boundaries; therefore, you are free to be different, to be inventive, and to be yourself. This is where you can be truly creative, truly unique, or contribute your utmost to humanitarian progress. You must dare to break away from established customs, to go one step further, and investigate the potentials of tomorrow

This New Moon in Aquarius is the time of year we make connections and break away from limitations. Uranus is in the middle of Taurus and we have changed our outlook on what is important. 2021 and 2022 Saturn has been in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus asking us to change and adjust to this new era. What is important for our wellbeing has changed and we have learned. Saturn is still in Aquarius but has moved past the square to Uranus. Venus is attracting what we need to move forward. Venus is in Aquarius at the time of this New Moon joined with Saturn. The opportunity to make commitments that are good for your growth. The Year of the Water Rabbit brings generous, thoughtful, calm and peaceful energy. This New Moon in Aquarius is favorable to Mars in Gemini. This activates our need to know and share information. Curious about what life brings now. We are getting on a new path with better balance.

This is a symbol of nature’s potentialities as they lie beyond any individual control, as well as of the tendency of all things to come to some dramatic head in either physical or psychological terms. The primitive symbolism emphasizes the necessity that every living spirit remain wholly self-quickened within itself, and be alert to its more or less inevitable participation in every shifting pattern of events. The convergence of relations in some climax of experience is man’s real opportunity, for self-fulfillment. The keyword is ACCIDENT. When positive, the degree is creative opportunism and a genius for shaping all eventualities to some desired end, and when negative, complete temperamental instability.
“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.