MAY 16, 2022

Dear Friends,
Strategy! Your life and lifestyle may need a new strategy. It is time to get control of what you have and let go of what you don’t need anymore. This may also transform your personality and how you take care of things. Power and Money! Also, physical fitness and good health. Get control of that…We are aware of what we need to remain happy and in control. This Eclipse has brought up supply and demand. Inflation! Getting what we need. Getting control of what is. Working on what we need to be in control. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini at the time of this Lunar Eclipse suggesting a new way of thinking about your life. Or, a new approach is required.


THE SIGN SCORPIO:    This is one of the most powerful signs, because people with this sign have a strong will and determination to accomplish whatever they attempt to do. Their analytical minds, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism, and energy are assurances of success. Where you have this sign in your chart is where you want to merge with others. This sign has the power to control and has a need to delve deeply. Cannot be fooled. Eruption of repressed emotions causes healing and cleansing. Scorpio rules credit cards and borrowed money. This month will emphasize our finances. Are we in control of our money, or does it control us? Are we a slave to our bills?

The subconscious, the emotions, and instinctual behavior. Intense emotion and great sensitivity. This sign connects us with the past, our roots, family, and the way we were raised. This is the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Time to nurture, protect, and care for the things that we want to bring forth now. It rules the breast and the stomach. The house ruled by Cancer shows where, moved by emotion, you seek out experiences, which secures your Aries identity and builds foundations in your personal life. You protect this area of your life like a mother protecting her young.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will be felt for the next 6 months. Let go of what’s not working and move forward. Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn, and we are being shown what needs to be reinforced and structured, and to plan the long-term process. Mars is in Pisces with Neptune. Action has to come from a deep and inspired part of us. Spiritual and intuitive energy is part of this. To be all in!  To be a 100% involved in what you want. Scorpio is the sign of power and money. Time to get control of your financial situation. Mars in Pisces is in a favorable relationship with Pluto in Capricorn.  This brings the opportunity to get thing the way you want so you can have peace of mind. Chiron is in Aries sitting in-between Jupiter and Venus. Aries is leadership. Do you have it in you to take the lead?

This is a symbol of man’s inexhaustible capacity for self-establishment and for finding everything he needs immediately at hand, as here given emphasis on the practical side. Reality as a result of each individual’s choices and rejections in his everyday dealings with the world at large, and the wide range of possible experience provides him with every facility he may need for the moment. His alertness to the potentialities of his being becomes the secret of his true self-fulfillment.   The keyword is EXTEMPORIZATION. When positive, the degree is unusual resourcefulness and a gift for finding real opportunity in the least promising of situations, and when negative, unambitious acceptance of things as they are.  
      “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.