FEBRUARY 24, 2024

Dear Friends,

A time to clean up and get organized. Let go of what no longer works. No more over thinking or obsessing just get started. This Full Moon in Virgo is a welcome sight. The Moon is certainly in charge directing things. Sorting out all that is on our agenda. A time to be aware of what needs to be put in order and what need eliminating. Having faith in the process. Fitness may be a top priority! Good health inside and out.

A FULL MOON will occur on FEBRUARY 24, 2024 at 7:30 AM EST at 05 DEGREES VIRGO 23 MINUTES

This is the sign that takes care of endless details and routine jobs. This is the sign that has patience for doing the work. Humble service and patience! The Virgo house in your chart is always a work in progress. The never-ending maintenance of life, spotting flaws, and correcting mistakes. The goal is not to become lost in the detail, but to understand the need for it. The experiences attracted in the Virgo house will make you aware of what needs your attention.

Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace where you can really make a difference. This Full Moon brings a wonderful time to get healthy and helpful to others. The Sun is in Pisces bringing compassion, kindness and caring. Mercury is the ruler of this Full Moon also in Pisces. And most of all Saturn and Neptune are there. This emphasizes our need to be of service, be kind, care and get healthy. Pluto, Mars and Venus are all together in Aquarius. Efficiency in your attention to friendship. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus wants us to upgrade our values. Open up and get things fixed in your life of and be helpful to others.

This is a symbol of a cyclic and necessary intensification of any personal being, as emphasized on the side of normal or everyday experience. Pleasure is the simplest possible form of creative exchange, and it always encourages and refines the individual’s range of potentiality. Here is a receptiveness to every turn of opportunity to be found in the immediate situation, and a willingness to attempt its demonstration. The keyword is DIVERSION. When positive, the degree is endless and happy resourcefulness in a constant reorientation of self to meet varying exigencies of life, and when negative, the continuous and senseless ricochet from one to another meaningless phase of self-expression. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.


Astrology is an ancient and sacred language. It is the study of planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior. Understanding the daily movement of this energy helps you to be on time in your life with the right attitude.

The earth turning on its axis gives us night and day. The Moon orbiting the earth in 29.6 days gives our monthly cycles. The Earth orbits the Sun in a year and gives us Seasons. Astrology is the study of seasonal changes. Everything moves with this energy. Everything runs its course.

When you look at a model of the Universe Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all orbiting the Sun. They all have seasons. This creates all the energy that is moving that collectively effects what we are experiencing.

There’s a metaphysical principle dealing with the relationship of the microcosm and macrocosm that says, “As above, so below. As within, so without.” What is going on in the sky at any given time is telling the story of what is going on below at that moment. The information that Astrology provides helps us understand what is going on. It helps us know what time it is. Is it time to plant? Is it time to reap? There is a time a place for everything.

A soul comes into life at exactly the moment in time when the planetary conditions are perfect for what that soul needs to experience. The map of the sky at the exact moment that you took your first breath tells your story. Do you know yours?

Every New Moon, Full Moon and Planetary alignment is telling us day after day the energy we are dealing with. My intention is to describe these energies to help you have a smoother flow with your daily life.

Blessings, Brenda