AUGUST 11TH , 2022

Dear Friends,

Breaking Free!! Things are made clear. You realize what is next. Things are revealed. Afterall it is a Super Full Moon the last one this year. Super meaning it is closer and seems bigger. I guess it is making a point. It is time for forgiveness and letting go. Getting with it. Whatever has landed into your life! What needs to be dealt with is already there! This Full Moon helps with what to do. This Full Moon on August 11th brings a plan for happiness. A Full Moon gives you feedback. It gives you an awareness about where you stand. What would make you happy! Get your head together. Or, should I say get your heart together. Put it out there. A Full Moon brings things to light. It bears fruit. Whatever your intentions have been all along to deal with the world around you, it has changed and you may have lost yourself. It is time to take a look at that. What you are receiving now gives you an opportunity to make some corrections. Where do you fit in?

A FULL MOON will occur on AUGUST 11TH 2022 9:36 PM EDT at 19 DEGREES AQUARIUS 21 MINUTES.

This is a fixed air sign. This is the sign of the rebel, or the individualist. They approach life through their intellect. Old molds, old concepts, those things which have outgrown their usefulness in every area of life are being shattered. New ideas, brilliance, new inventions show us a new way now. Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. Public affairs become more important at this time, as there is an interest in the welfare of others in a social sense.

THE DECANATE: GEMINI With this sign, curiosity is developed, which opens the door to learning, versatility, and choice. The experiences ruled by the Gemini house in your chart require the greatest flexibility. This sign thrives on change, because variety offers food for thought, which develops objective thinking patterns. Curiosity is aroused, which motivates you to seek out new experiences having educational value. The power to communicate ideas and deal with a variety of things. Nothing escapes the attention of Gemini. The gathering of information that facilitates our day-to-day activities. Versatility and adaptability are needed now. Learn and make new connections.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is joined with Saturn. Heads up period to be responsible for the company you keep. Standing up for your fellowman. This Full Moon with Saturn is square to Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Uranus indicates the ways in which a person’s urge for freedom and individuality is manifested. Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019. What resources are enough where we can truly feel free? Aquarius is a fixed air sign, Leo is a fixed fire sign and Taurus is a fixed earth sign. The Sun is in Leo, the Planet Uranus, the North Node and Mars are in Taurus and the Moon and Saturn are in Aquarius. The Sun, the Moon and 4 Planets are in fixed signs. There is a challenge on this Full Moon for us to look at what we need to feel secure. Good relationships with others enhance your position in life. Having faith in what you are here to do and be is revealed. Friends and your group relationships are the focus. What and where do you need to invest your energy. This Full Moon shows the way.

This is a symbol of man’s recognition of a transcendental or superior wisdom from which he may always receive his inspiration and assurance, emphasized here by this inner faith and his self-strengthening through an ever-constructive attitude of mind. There are always secret signs of diving favor for a faithful heart, and they are no less real because the reason is able to dismiss them as a mere over sensitiveness to the prompting of a wholly naïve insight. The keyword is CONVICTION. When positive, the degree is a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do, and when negative, sanctimonious self-deception. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.