MAY 23, 2024

Dear Friends,

Look on the bright side! Sagittarius, very positive and up lifting. After all we have been dealing with, learning, and going through, this Full Moon in Sagittarius gives us a bigger picture of it all. A positive side. Lots to think about!! Truth? Wisdom!! How much will it cost to get what you want? All in all you must be patient. The truth about where you stand! Bottom line! This Full Moon will give you all the information about your position financially. There is a finalizing of things you have been waiting on. It could be the end of waiting for timing. The next couple of weeks after this Full Moon you will know more and know more about what to do. The end of a situation. The information you need to know for what your strategy is now will be available. What you need to know to get comfortable!

A FULL MOON will occur on MAY 23, 2024 at 9:53 AM EDT at 02 DEGREES SAGITTARIUS 55 MINUTES

Travel, education, religion, philosophy, and higher aspirations. Looking to the future. Optimism and friendliness. Independence is strong. Need for freedom and space. This sign brings restlessness and a desire for sports and adventure. Here is where we search for the meaning of life. This sign rules the hips, thighs and sciatic nerve. This sign offers experiences, which encourage you to look ahead. Here, your needs are vast; your thirst for a social direction is intense, and with this expanded outlook comes a new philosophy toward life and its meaning. In the house of Sagittarius, the future beckons. You need to look ahead, broaden your horizons, and seek out experiences, which cultivate wisdom.

This Full Moon brings education. Very interesting Full Moon with three Planets at 29 degrees. This Full Moon is bringing the completion of some things. Venus and Jupiter are at 29 degrees Taurus. All about a turning point with money and what you need. Neptune is at 29 degrees Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune both rule this Full Moon. Both at 29 degrees. Saturn is in Pisces teaching us faith, trust and there is always a way. Something for everyone. No hoarding.

This is a symbol of the self-confidence which come to man through his refinement of skills and discipline of understanding, and of his capacity for mobilizing every potentiality of self at any point of challenge in events. Here is emphasis in the individual’s effective and profitable participation in a reality which he has been able to approach and master through the completeness of his perspective. His gift of concentration is his genius of self-fulfillment. The keyword is ABILITY. When positive, the degree is high sensitiveness to every possibility of accomplishment or broadened self-discovery, and when negative, unsuspected bigotry or foolish exactitude. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.


Astrology is an ancient and sacred language. It is the study of planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior. Understanding the daily movement of this energy helps you to be on time in your life with the right attitude.

The earth turning on its axis gives us night and day. The Moon orbiting the earth in 29.6 days gives our monthly cycles. The Earth orbits the Sun in a year and gives us Seasons. Astrology is the study of seasonal changes. Everything moves with this energy. Everything runs its course.

When you look at a model of the Universe Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all orbiting the Sun. They all have seasons. This creates all the energy that is moving that collectively effects what we are experiencing.

There’s a metaphysical principle dealing with the relationship of the microcosm and macrocosm that says, “As above, so below. As within, so without.” What is going on in the sky at any given time is telling the story of what is going on below at that moment. The information that Astrology provides helps us understand what is going on. It helps us know what time it is. Is it time to plant? Is it time to reap? There is a time a place for everything.

A soul comes into life at exactly the moment in time when the planetary conditions are perfect for what that soul needs to experience. The map of the sky at the exact moment that you took your first breath tells your story. Do you know yours?

Every New Moon, Full Moon and Planetary alignment is telling us day after day the energy we are dealing with. My intention is to describe these energies to help you have a smoother flow with your daily life.

Blessings, Brenda