JUNE 9, 2021

Dear Friends,

This Solar Eclipse in Gemini is ushering in a new and healthy way to be in your life. Solar Eclipses bring new energy that plays out for a couple of years. A new attitude is required. Our routine and daily activity is moving forward in a new way. Time to be open to the adjustment. Cooperation and balance is needed or being offered. What has been hidden or beneath the surface is revealed. Right in the middle of Mercury retrograde in Gemini is this New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Mercury is involved. Information is revealed we need. Going forward in a new way. Rethinking! New information emerges! A shift of energy shows the way.

A NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE will occur JUNE 10, 2021 at 06:52 AM EDT at 19 GEMINI 47 MINUTES

With this sign, curiosity is developed, which opens the door to learning, versatility, and choice. The experiences ruled by the Gemini house in your chart require the greatest flexibility. This sign thrives on change, because variety offers food for thought, which develops objective thinking patterns. Curiosity is aroused, which motivates you to seek out new experiences having educational value.  The power to communicate ideas and deal with a variety of things. Nothing escapes the attention of Gemini. The gathering of information that facilitates our day-to-day activities. Versatility and adaptability are needed now. Learn and make new connections.
The power to relate to others is this sign’s greatest concern. Beauty, balance, harmony, equality, and justice are important where this is in your chart. This Full Moon will let us know where we need to bring things into balance. What about relationships? Are we being fair? Is this area one-sided? All lessons of Libra involve the realization and integration of opposites, particularly those contrasts found within personal relationships. The primary purpose of this sign is one of sharing—sharing ideas, sharing experiences, sharing your life---with others. The house that Libra is on in your chart is where you need to develop a healthy balance between personal goals and respect for the goals of others.        
Gemini is the sign of the Zodiac that rules everything in our life that is taken for granted. The siblings that we were born to begin our life with. The attitude we develop from early on in our life. The neighborhood and our neighbors; so, the people you see every day along the way. All tools of communication and transportation which help you get from one place to another in your day-to-day life. Gemini is everything that is right under your nose. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is focusing on those things. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is currently in Gemini retrograde. A time of review, adjusting and correction. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is square Neptune in Pisces. Trust may be an issue. You need to sort things out. What is real and what is not. Some things you just have to let go of. Venus is in Cancer attracting what we need for home and family. Mars is in the last degree of Cancer. There may be something that needs to be handled you cannot avoid. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse helps you rethink your life and where you belong. Taking care of it all. Oh, by the way, we always need to say something about Saturn. It is in Aquarius directing towards getting along with everyone. Preferably strangers.
This is a symbol of the facility with which men organize their own special experience for the benefit of the community at large. The divisions of labor which constitute a civilization are refined to the point where each individual has the largest possible part in the total reality, and of the self’s competence. Here a prodigality of resources in general becomes a very immediate realization. The keyword is SUPPLY. When positive the degree is a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships, and when negative, a chronic inability to make decisions or a hopelessly dilettante spirit.  "Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.    Blessings, Brenda
All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.