FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

This is certainly a turning point. Moving from the past into the future. Crossing a threshold and seeing positive energy. Set your intentions for this New Moon. You are tying up the loose ends of this last year and looking to the future and what you would like to create on the Aries New Moon on March24th.  Mercury retrograde is certainly emphasized on this New Moon. This could be review, review, learn, understand and let go. Have the vision now for what you really want. Being positive, visualize, and prepare.  Mercury is revealing what may have been hidden up until now. Clearing up and getting to the bottom of things will bring relief. Mercury went retrograde just short of joining Neptune. After it resumes direct motion on the 9th of March it finally joins Neptune on April 3rd. Mercury is walking us through all of this. Just be willing to take the walk.

A NEW MOON will occur on FEBRUARY 23, 2020 at 10:32 am EST at 4 DEGREES PISCES 28 MINUTES.

Here is where total commitment must be made to proceed with what, until now, has been only a vision, but what could eventually become a reality. In Pisces, you are encouraged to walk into the unknown, even though there is no proof that what you seek could, or ever will, exist. The experiences met in the house of Pisces are often considered to be “karmic”, in the sense that you are confronted with your past. The power of positive thinking, unselfish love, and a willingness to help when help is needed. Idealistic, spiritual, sensitive, giving, compassionate are all attributes of the sign.
 RULERS:                      JUPITER/NEPTUNE/MARS:
Jupiter is in Capricorn and it is all about learning the business side of life. Jupiter is making it way through Capricorn to join both Pluto and then Saturn by the end of the year. Getting a system, framework and structure that supports what we need for the future.  Neptune is in Pisces has been for 8 years. Inner peace is the quest. Going within and trusting. Letting go of addiction would be the best accomplishment with this. Mars is also prominent for this New Moon in Pisces. Mars is in Capricorn ready to put things in place so we can reap the benefits as the Lunation unfolds. The Sun and Moon at 4 degrees Pisces is receiving favorable energy from Mars at 4 degrees Capricorn and Uranus at 4 degrees Taurus.  Opportunities will come for the taking.
This is a symbol of the instinctive loyalties of life as manifest in community institutions, and of man’s ability to capitalize on the enduring allegiances he develops among his kind. Here is his everyday communion with the warmth of personality and its pyramiding powers of accomplishment, and his consequent instrumentation of every individual effort. He makes his over-all contribution to human achievement through his ever-vivifying contacts with his fellows. The keyword is BENEFIT. When positive, the degree is a special genius for philanthropy and the organization of society’s real concern for the well-being of men in general, and when negative, social exclusiveness and smug self-satisfaction.                      “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.