October 14, 2016

Dear Friends,
This Full Moon brings an awakening. It is all about who you are in relationships. Are you authentic? Are you free to be yourself? A few surprises and a turning point may be the energy of this Full Moon.

A Full Moon will occur on October 16, 2016 at 12:22 am EDT at 23 degrees Aries 13 minutes.

A Full Moon is a time when things bear fruit. It is a time to release and let go of what has run its course. It is when things come to a head. It brings the results of the intentions you set at the New Moon. The New Moon on September 30th was at 8 degrees of Libra keeping company with Jupiter. This brought positive information and what we need to know about our relationships.  This Full Moon will help you explore the many options you can move forward with. This will help you understand what you have to offer. This will all evolve on this Full Moon.
Aries is the sign of the pioneer and new beginnings. Springtime. Fire signs are goal oriented and concerned with future opportunities. They are often described as inspirational, and fire signs, more than all others, show where you need goals. Aries never forgets the fact that they were born to lead the way. They are born directors and organizers. This sign reveals your potentials.

Each sign is divided into three ten degree segments called decanates. This Full Moon is in the Sagittarius decanate of Aries. Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and friendliness. Independence is strong.  Need for freedom and space. This sign brings restlessness and a desire for sports and adventure. Their zeal for the truth makes them blurt out just what they are thinking. Here is where we search for the meaning of life. This sign offers experiences, which encourage you to look ahead.

Each sign is divided into twelve two and a half degree segments called dwads. This Full Moon is in the Capricorn dwad of Aries. The sign Capricorn is where you need respect, recognition, and approval from the outside world.  The challenge for this house in your chart is perseverance and hard work. Things may not come easily here but efforts will be rewarded, if your energies are channeled constructively. Patience is necessary.

The rulers of this Full Moon are Mars because it rules Aries, Jupiter because it rules Sagittarius and Saturn because it rules Capricorn. This Full Moon in Aries is encouraging us to be authentic and if necessary to reinvent ourselves. The Moon is joined with Uranus and it is more emphatic that we break away from the past and move into new circumstances. Mars is the ruler and it is in Capricorn joined with Pluto. That confirms it we need to be focused and ready to build into our lives new structures in support for our future. Jupiter is in Libra bringing important connections and Saturn is in Sagittarius opening up new doors. It is time to explore.  

This is a symbol of the mutual prodigality of man and his world whenever he retains his uninhibited enthusiasm and so welcomes every varying and recurrent opportunity opening up before him. There are here the continued outer manifestations of what at times may seem to be an unmerited good fortune, but they merely show the human and cosmic facets of reality in a convenient and joyful realization of each other. The keyword is MUNIFICENSE. When positive, the degree is an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities, and when negative, a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.