April 24th, 2017

Dear Friends,
Make what you already have work for you. What do you want!!!! Do you enjoy what you have? Or does your life revolve around having enough? Or do you wonder if what you have you can sustain? Could you possibly need to learn to stand up for yourself? Do you have enough time? Do you have enough energy? These are all some of the questions related to Taurus. Asking for more energy, asking for more time, asking for enjoyment with what we have.
The New Moon in Taurus brings us the opportunity to focus on what we need to do to create abundance and security that we can sustain. We realize now; comfort, security and values are as important as having enough money. It is more about what values you have and how you apply yourself. With all the Planetary energy that has been going on for over a year we realize we cannot stay the same. Who we were needs to evolve into what is necessary now. A giant leap forward as we realize a deeper meaning for us in life. Why are we here? What do we need to contribute so we are fulfilled and satisfied?


The key phrase for Taurus is, “What do I have?” Taurus is concerned with getting results. Money, personal resources, security, survival skills, and self-esteem. To have the things around us that make us comfortable, and reflect who we are. This sign builds. Where this sign is in your chart will indicate your sense of values, as well as where you are apt to be locked up in material values. Taurus rules the throat in the physical body.

RULERS:                  VENUS/MOON
Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in the last degree of Pisces at the time of this New Moon. Every year on the New Moon in Taurus we set our intentions for abundance for the year. It is so important, this year, for you to think very positively about your economic issues for the coming year. You don’t want to plant any negativity at this time. Venus has been in Pisces since January 3rd. It went into Aries on February 3rd and went retrograde on March 4th at 13 degrees Aries. Venus went direct on April 15th at 26 degrees Pisces joined with Chiron. This is a whole story in and of itself. It is all about what Venus has been doing since the end of January. Going from Pisces to Aries then back to Pisces. At the time of this New Moon in fixed earthy Taurus; Venus is at the end of Pisces ready to reenter Aries. Now we can really count on what we need to acquire for security. This has required healing, faith and initiative since the first of the year to reinvent ourselves. The New Moon in Taurus wants to see what you have within you. You can do it.

This is a symbol of the unimpeachable divinity which characterizes man’s nature at root, represented here by his instinct for higher things as he yet plumbs all experience to the depths and welcomes life almost indiscriminately into the uttermost inner reaches of his being. Implicit in the reversed symbolism of this famous amoral figure of Biblical times is an indomitability of striving for real and gratifying self-fulfillments. The keyword is AWAKENING. When positive, the degree is absolute and wholly impersonal self-giving in the hope of an honest self-realization, and when negative, a debasing and carefree dissoluteness accepted in compensation for the unattained and more enduring satisfactions.

“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones

 Blessings, Brenda
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