July 18th, 2016

Dear Friends,

Did you ever wish you could step out of the box you live in to open up to unlimitied possibilities. Well this Full Moon may offer you that possibility. Now whether you enjoy taking that step or not is up to you.

The New Moon on the 4th of July was on the United States birthday. This Full Moon in Capricorn is building up the intensity in the world of leadership and politics. Power and strength will be revealed. The United States Birth Chart has Pluto at that degree. We have some challenges.

Saturn and Neptune joined in 1989 at 10 or 11 degrees Capricorn to start a New Cycle. Saturn is all about boundaries and Neptune is all about dissolving boundaries. Saturn was in its own sign and Neptune was there to reveal weakness and open up possibilities for change. As cycles unfold they reveal how that process works. With outer Planets the process is years. The next time Saturn and Neptune join will be 2026 in Aries. The cycle we are currently in is in its last quarter phase. It is revealing the results of a system that we have outgrown and the need to restructure. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius offering us education and a larger view of things. Neptune is currently challenging from Pisces helping us understand what needs to be put into place to allow new and better boundaries. This all started in the sign Capricorn. Where the sign Capricorn is in your chart is where you are building security for yourself in the world. This is through the contributions you make and the territory you carve out for your security. Perseverance and hard work is necessary. Long term security as an effort on your part pays off over an expended time. Since 1989 Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn has been dealing with Neptune. Neptune can dissolve or erode away the system. This can either open new doors that weren’t there before, or it can dissolve or disappoint what you thought to be there. At any rate growth takes place and we have to adapt, regroup and take the next step. Saturn is in the last quarter of the cycle that started in 1989. Saturn has been in this last quarter phase since last Thanksgiving and will finish around the end of September. What is revealed will be your next step.

The Capricorn house in your chart is where this growth has taken place. To see what you need to know may be revealed on this Full Moon in Capricorn. Every year around this time we have a Full Moon in Capricorn giving you an accounting of what you need to do to keep it all moving in the right direction. This year the Full Moon in Capricorn is showing us where we need to get rid of weakness either within ourselves or the system we live in. This Full Moon is hosting the Last Quarter square of Saturn and Neptune. You will learn what you need to acquire in order to adapt to the changing system you live in.


A Full Moon is a time when things bear fruit. It is a time to release and let go of what has run its course. It is when things come to a head. It brings the results of the intentions you set at the New Moon. The New Moon on July 4th was in Cancer and it was time to set your intentions for home nest and security. We needed to concentrate on what we needed to take care of for the long run. Keep it going and look at where you need improvements. This Full Moon will bring the options you can move forward with. This will help you understand what you already have and also improve your situation with what will evolve on this Full Moon. It is all about growth.

Each sign is divided into three ten degree sections called decanates. This Full Moon is in the Virgo decanate of Capricorn. Virgo is the sign of health, work and routine. Jupiter has been in Virgo for a year helping us to cope, learn and, adjust to the changes that may have been thrust upon us. The nature of Virgo is to pay attention to detail but don’t get lost in it.

Each sign is divided into twelve two and a half degree sections called dwads. One for each sign of the Zodiac. The last two and a half degrees of Capricorn is the sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so it is unanimous Jupiter’s current position in Virgo is where we are working it all out. This Full Moon contains the expansive energy of Sagittarius and the work that is needed to move forward.

Saturn rules this Full Moon. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius retrograde. Saturn is resuming direct motion on August 13th. We are feeling the intensity of Saturn and the need to get serious about our education and how we deal with information. The more we learn and the more we know guarantees a more secure future. Neptune is involved asking us to read between the lines. Things are not the same so you need to trust where you fit in to the total scheme of things. Mars is in Scorpio where Saturn was one year ago. Mars is acting on what we were learning then getting things moving. Mars entered Scorpio on January 4th and continued through Scorpio entered Sagittarius around March 7th. Mars went retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th and returned to Scorpio and went direct on June 29th at 23 degrees Scorpio. It looks like we are putting two and two together. The weaknesses in our life have been revealed.Mercury is in Leo favorable to Saturn in Sagittarius giving order to what we are thinking and doing. Jupiter is in Virgo helping with a healthy routine and personal transformation.

This is a symbol of the ramifying differentiation of interest to be found in the many areas of normal life, and of man’s gift for bringing any one special line of effort to the immediate services of any other. His wide spread of aspiration is encompassed in the over-all realization by which he has organized himself, and the everyday solution in his breadth of resources His administration of human potentialities on the social level is his self-fulfillment. The keyword is COMMUNITY. When positive, the degree is exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare, and when negative, loss of all character in sheer officiousness. “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.