August 22nd,  2014

Dear Friends,
This New Moon gets us on track.  The New Moon in Virgo. The sixth sign of the Zodiac brings the time to set your intentions for everything you would like to build into a healthy routine.   Each New Moon is like a chapter in a book. This is the 9th New Moon of the year. The year began on January 1st with a New Moon in Capricorn joined with Pluto opposing Jupiter in Cancer and square to Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. What a beginning to this year which we will call the book of 2014. After seven months of a roller coaster ride and lots of growth that has put us through experiences we can now get organized. The signal to make plans and move forward has come. This New Moon in Virgo is hosting the once every two year New Cycle between Mars and Saturn. You will have your orders.
THE NEW MOON LAW OF ABUNDANCE is on AUGUST 25, 2014 6:42 PM EDT at 02DEGREES VIRGO 19 MINUTES. It is time to set your intentions for what you want to become excellent in through a healthy routine.
A mutable earth sign that reaches for the highest perfection. Taking care of endless details and routine jobs. The sign of humble service and patience. Your state of mind has a direct bearing on your health. Certainly, this area of your life is a work in progress. The never-ending maintenance of life, spotting flaws, and correcting mistakes. The house Virgo is on in your chart is where you need to analyze, perfect, and digest all that has been experienced through the years for use now.  The goal is not to become trapped in the detail, but to develop an appreciation for it. The experiences offered here require analysis, assessment, digestion, and the elimination of those things that no longer work. The experiences attracted in the Virgo house will make you aware of what needs your attention.
Mercury is the ruler of the sign Virgo; so therefore, it is the ruler of this lunation. Mercury is in Virgo at the time of this New Moon. Once a year, when we have a New Moon in Virgo, it is time to organize what has evolved over the year. It is time to clean up, and get a good routine going. Mercury is in a great position to help us accomplish this. We can get organized, get healthy, and get ready for Fall to begin in a few weeks. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in Virgo so there is no discrepancy. Mercury is 17 degrees Virgo.
Mars is the Planet that gets things moving and it is at 17 degrees Scorpio in a favorable relationship with Mercury. Mars is joined with Saturn. Mars joins Saturn once every two years to start a New Cycle. Mars and Saturn are conjunct at 17 degrees of Scorpio. It is time to set intentions for what you would like to accomplish and build the next two years. With Mars and Saturn together you need to dig in and be on purpose. You could tighten your belt and completely change your financial future. It is time to make a plan. Venus is at 16 degrees Leo square to the Mars/Saturn New Cycle. She is on board whether she wants it or not. Venus in Leo could add some creative ideas. This could make the belt tightening and hard work more fun. Uranus is putting its two cents worth in. Uranus is at 16 degrees Aries making a favorable aspect to Venus at 16 degrees Leo. The reason I am mentioning the degrees is it is amazing how many Planets are 16/17 degrees. Uranus 16 degrees Aries, Venus at 16 degrees Leo, Mercury is at 17 degrees Virgo, Mars is at 17 degrees Scorpio and so is Saturn. They are all connected in one aspect or another but Mercury is the ruler of this lunation placed at home in its own sign so it is soliciting help to get organized from the other planetary energies. This is a powerful New Moon to set you on a new course of action.
This is a symbol of the absolute certainty which any individual may develop in the terms of his conscious faith, and of the power in human character which becomes the hallmark of his spiritual orientation. There are the traditional legions of heavenly forces which ever move to sustain the soul in its outreaching of eternal values, facilitating the simple and consistent convergence of all good things toward their own kind. High-mindedness here pays very pleasant dividends. The keyword is SECURITY. When positive, the degree is a sure conviction which enable man to proceed to an effective fulfillment of his dreams, and when negative, vain pretense and self-importance.    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Brenda All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.




Astrology is an ancient and sacred language. It is the study of planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior. Understanding the daily movement of this energy helps you to be on time in your life with the right attitude.

The earth turning on its axis gives us night and day. The Moon orbiting the earth in 29.6 days gives our monthly cycles. The Earth orbits the Sun in a year and gives us Seasons. Astrology is the study of seasonal changes. Everything moves with this energy. Everything runs its course.

When you look at a model of the Universe Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all orbiting the Sun. They all have seasons. This creates all the energy that is moving that collectively effects what we are experiencing.
There's a metaphysical principle dealing with the relationship of the microcosm and macrocosm that says, "As above, so below. As within, so without." What is going on in the sky at any given time is telling the story of what is going on below at that moment. The information that Astrology provides helps us understand what is going on. It helps us know what time it is. Is it time to plant? Is it time to reap? There is a time a place for everything.

A soul comes into life at exactly the moment in time when the planetary conditions are perfect for what that soul needs to experience. The map of the sky at the exact moment that you took your first breath tells your story. Do you know yours?

Every New Moon, Full Moon and Planetary alignment is telling us day after day the energy we are dealing with. My intention is to describe these energies to help you have a smoother flow with your daily life.

Blessings, Brenda