November 16, 2017

Dear Friends,
Are you satisfied? Are you doing enough? Do you have enough? Maybe you need to work at a deeper more focused level. You probably already know that more is required to get things accomplished to the degree that brings satisfaction. This New Moon brings the need to look deeper so what you do clears the way for you to get what you want. It is time to get focused and in control. Memories, memories and more memories. We review our lives as we prepare to move forward. This New Moon helps us dig our heels in and carry on with what is important and let go of what has long since passed. Home, health, and security are all included. Make a plan to get out of debt. It is time to look at all your financial issues. This could be insurance, taxes, and investments. Jupiter is in Scorpio for the next year, which will bring the opportunity, knowledge and understanding you need to get it all working for you.


THE SIGN SCORPIO:    Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac, because of its strong will and determination to accomplish whatever it attempts to do. Its analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning power, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism, and energy are assurances of success. Where you have this sign in your chart is where you want to merge with others. This sign has the power to control, and has a need to delve deeply. It cannot be fooled. Eruption of repressed emotions causes healing and cleansing. Scorpio rules credit cards and borrowed money. This month will emphasize our finances. Are we in control of our money, or does it control us? Are we a slave to our bills? Release and letting go is one of the major lessons of Scorpio.

The subconscious, the emotions, and instinctual behavior. Intense emotion and great sensitivity. This sign connects us with the past, our roots, family, and the way we were raised. This is the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Time to nurture, protect, and care for the things that we want to bring forth now. The house ruled by Cancer shows where, moved by emotion, you seek out experiences, which create security. You protect this area of your life like a mother protecting her young.

THE DWAD:          VIRGO
A mutable earth sign that reaches for the highest perfection. Taking care of endless details and routine jobs. The sign of humble service and patience. Your state of mind in this area of your life has a direct bearing on your health. Certainly, this area of your life is a work in progress. The never-ending maintenance of life, spotting flaws, and correcting mistakes. The experiences offered here require analysis, assessment, digestion, and the elimination of those things that have proven unfit for future use. The experiences attracted in the Virgo house will make you aware of what needs your attention.  

At the time of this New Moon, the Planet Mars is in Libra bringing action to the mediation table. Mars is seeking fairness in our relationships and our lives. Pluto is in Capricorn and has been there for 9 years. Pluto has 7 years to go. Pluto is the Planet of purification and transformation. Operating in the sign Capricorn it is exposing what we have outgrown in the system and what needs renewal. Mars in Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Taking on an impossible situation to bring about change. The Moon is in Scorpio with the Sun and they are encouraging loyalty and focus. This New Moon is trine to Chiron in Pisces. This dissolves old wounds and brings about healing. The cards could have been stacked against you in the past but no more. Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio which helps in what we need to let go of, overcome, and transform. Venus and Jupiter are favorable to Neptune in Pisces. It is important to believe in what you are doing so you can put the proper force behind what you want for an outcome.

This is a symbol of the human spirit’s continual desire to avoid everyday trivialities and drabness, ever pressing on toward some goal which can become a basis for a more enduring and individual reality. The blare of self-affirmation is a rejection of the lesser experience which brings only a self-satiety and it martial nature arises from the realization that things of worth must be gained at the price of a thoroughly self-mobilized effort. The keyword is INTREPIDITY. When positive, the degree is a dramatic capacity for drawing events to a focus and directing their course successfully to what might have seemed impossible ends, and when negative, foolhardy self-exploitation. 

“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones..
Blessings, Brenda
All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.