January 10, 2017

Dear Friends,
It is time to be interested in taking care of your nest. This is family, emotional security, nest, and nest egg. This Full Moon in Cancer is part of a Cardinal Grand Square. Action is necessary and it may be in every part of your life. Cancer is all about home and nest. Pluto with the Sun in Capricorn is all about your professional life. Jupiter in Libra is all about who you are in relationships. Last but not least Uranus in Aries bringing out your individuality. All of these energies that need total participation on your part is necessary. You can do this! We also have Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in Pisces providing a protective net as you take charge of your life.

A Full Moon is a time when things bear fruit. It is a time to release and let go of what has run its course. It is when things come to a head. It brings the results of the intentions you set at the New Moon. The New Moon on December 29th, 2016 was at 7 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn. This brought the need to get a plan and get serious. The Full Moon in Cancer will give you the opportunity to get comfortable with what needs to be done.
The Sign Cancer: The subconscious, the emotions, and instinctual behavior are all part of the sign Cancer. Intense emotion and great sensitivity is felt when this sign is activated. This sign connects us with the past, our roots, family, and the way we were raised. This is the most fertile sign of the zodiac. Time to nurture, protect, and care for the things that we want to bring forth now. It rules the breast and the stomach. The house ruled by Cancer shows where, moved by emotion, you seek out experiences that bring comfort and security

Each sign is divided into three ten degree segments called decanates. This Full Moon is in the Pisces decanate of Cancer. Here is where total commitment must be made to proceed with what, until now, has been only a vision, but what could eventually become a reality. In Pisces, you are encouraged to walk into the unknown, even though there is no proof that what you seek could, or ever will, exist. The experiences met in the house of Pisces are often considered to be “karmic” in the sense that you are confronted with your past. The power of positive thinking, psychic abilities, unselfish love, and a willingness to help when help is needed, even if personal sacrifices must sometimes be made. Idealistic, spiritual, sensitive, giving, compassionate are all attributes of the sign.

This Full Moon in Cancer is ruled by the Moon and of course the Moon is in her own sign Cancer. This brings up the need to get comfortable. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign which requires action. Jupiter is 22 degrees Libra another Cardinal sign.  The Sun is 22 degrees Capricorn, a Cardinal Sign, joined with Pluto. Uranus is at 20 degrees Aries a Cardinal Sign. There are four Cardinal Signs and we have them all with this Full Moon. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are active participants. It is time we work on all cylinders. You are in an action zone and you are boxed in You need to be ready to go. Mercury has been retrograde for three weeks and it just went direct at the last degree of Sagittarius in time for this Full Moon. You are educated in what is necessary. Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron are all in Pisces. These Planets are available to protect so you must trust the process. You will get comfortable soon.

This is a symbol of man’s resourcefulness in developing new areas of experience on the imaginative side, and of his genius for widening his interests and stimulating everybody to broader ideals and more rewarding goals in everyday living. The continual re-examination of a general intellectual and aesthetic inheritance becomes a heightening of personal identity, and the individual achieves a very genuine estimation of his fellows The keyword is CRITICISM. When positive, the degree is accomplishment through an exacting appreciation of common effort and a rigorous revaluation of private acts and attitudes and when negative, a substitution of idle discussion for actual participation in reality.

“Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.